冰球突破与SGS学院学校的就业服务有着非常成功的合作关系,为8至13年级的学生提供独立、公正的就业指导和启发. The Careers programme underpins The Gatsby Benchmarks.

所有7-13年级的学生每周都能收到与大学机会和开放日有关的职业简讯 , information from careers providers, apprenticeships, labour market information as well as our job of the week. 



In May, 学生们花半天时间和职业顾问一起思考他们未来想要的生活方式, 研究感兴趣的工作,了解不同级别的资格和培训路线,例如在大学学习和实习. The students make cost calculations for their chosen lifestyle and job and learn about jobs, which currently don’t exist or are considered growth areas in the future.

Where possible, we arrange for employers to come into the school to work with the students. For example, previously, two female civil engineers from Tony Gee LLP came to 冰球突破官网 during year 8 science lessons. The civil engineers explained about the work that they do and how to become a civil engineer.  然后,学生们被要求使用提供的材料和说明来建造一座桥.

Towards the end of Year 8, the students spend one lesson learning about Labour Market Information (LMI), what it means, where they can find LMI information and why it is important.  The students research a range of different career sectors and jobs within these sectors. This activity is led by a careers advisor.

To support the students leading up to their GCSE option choices, they take part in and have access to a variety of resources and activities.

In small groups during January, the students take part in a how to choose your options 30-minute session with the careers advisor, this is a good opportunity for the students to fully consider their options and to ask questions.

In January, 所有9年级的学生都会收到一本选项手册,其中包含了他们可以在KS4学习的主题选项的信息, the topics covered, how the students will be assessed and the careers that can lead from each subject.

Options evening is held at the school in January for the students, 父母和护理人员, this is a good opportunity to speak to subject teachers and to see the careers advisor.

At the discretion of the Head of Year 9, 对于那些需要职业选择方面进一步支持的学生,职业顾问可以预约少量的职业面试. 

At the start of the year, 学生们被要求在学期结束前,在假期或几天内找到一份为期一周的实习工作. 这是一个很好的机会来了解更多的职业/工作环境,并在工作场所获得经验.  有关如何在斯特劳德找到当地公司和组织的联系的信息, 格洛斯特郡和布里斯托尔地区,以及全国范围内的虚拟工作经验机会和工作跟踪杂志,可在10年级职业文件夹中找到.

In June, 10年级学生参加的职业日旨在激励和帮助他们探索不同的机会.  这一天包括准备和面试15个专业人士,他们来自不同的职业领域,关于他们的工作和职业道路.  This activity is completed in a “speed networking” style format.  学生们花时间回顾和反思他们完成的工作经验,并与同学们分享他们所学到的东西. The students learn about Post 18 options, in small groups, learn, research and present to the rest of the class their findings for one of the Post 18 options e.g. Apprenticeships, study abroad, GAP years etc.  

As part of the Personal Development curriculum, the Year 11 students take part in a how to choose your A-levels options lesson in term 2, 在课程中,学生讨论和学习他们在选择选项时应该考虑的因素,并使用提供的工具和网站完成个人研究.

In term 2, the students receive a 10-minute Information, 与一名高级职员会面,讨论他们对十二年及十三年的计划.

The students have the chance of a 30-minute guidance interview with a careers advisor during term 2. This is an opportunity to discuss personal plans and options, to help with choosing pathways, receive reliable and useful information and websites to complete further research.  信件会在11月初通过家长邮件(Parentmail)寄回家,并通过学校的电子邮件地址发给学生.

During Terms 2 and 3, a number of different professional guest speakers from universities, businesses and societies come to 冰球突破官网.

These talks have been recorded and distributed online this year. 

At the start of Year 12, students are asked to arrange a work experience placement for the last week of term 6.  有关如何在斯特劳德找到当地公司和组织的联系的信息, 格洛斯特郡和布里斯托尔地区,以及全国范围内的虚拟工作经验机会,在12年职业文件夹中可以找到工作跟踪杂志.

In Term 3, all Year 12 students attend talks organised by the sixth form about post 18 opportunities. The talks include an introduction to universities and how to research courses, information about higher apprenticeship opportunities and for those considering a gap year, advice on how to plan constructive, gap year opportunities. 

12年级的学生正在考虑申请竞争激烈的大学,如牛津剑桥大学和罗素集团大学, begin to meet regularly from term 3 onwards in preparation for the application process. 六年级会组织学生参观牛津大学,并举办一年一度的“牛桥会议”(Oxbridge Conference),学生可获得各种小册子和指南,了解关键信息,帮助他们顺利完成申请和选拔过程. Wherever possible, students are also given the opportunity to practice their interview skills with a subject specialist. 模拟面试通常由校外的专业人士和专家进行安排,使模拟面试尽可能真实.

For students considering competitive courses such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary careers, 冰球突破有两位教师导师,专门为支持应用程序的活动提供建议和协调. The advice and guidance given includes bringing in professionals to talk about the applications process, 为学生提供工作经验的机会,并将学生介绍给正在学习他们所选择的学科的本科生,以了解他们打算学习的课程和职业.

In Term 6, Year 12 students are encouraged to attend University Open Days.  所有的学生都从六年级的校长那里收到了关于UCAS申请流程的信息,并开始了申请流程. 那些不考虑上大学的学生会得到有关18岁后学徒的信息,并参加一个有职业顾问的研讨会,帮助他们考虑自己的选择.  Information, useful websites and an action plan template is provided to help.

Year 12 and 13 students are offered a 45-minute guidance interview with a careers advisor during term 4. This is an opportunity to discuss personal plans and options, receive reliable and useful information and websites to complete further research.  信件会在二月初通过家长邮件(Parentmail)寄回家,并通过学校的电子邮件地址发给学生. 

6月为12年级学生的家长和照顾者举办“下一步”晚会(学生在导师期间收到此信息). This information evening is delivered by the Head of Sixth Form, 13年级的校长和职业顾问,解释13年后的选择和机会,以及关于UCAS流程的信息, student finance and apprenticeship opportunities.

In year 13, 学生继续得到六年级小组的支持,准备他们的UCAS申请,准备在两所大学的面试和实习.  

Students are made aware of opportunities, vacancies and events throughout year 12 and 13, including summer school, work experience, careers events and apprenticeships. As well as the Careers and Futures page useful websites and links, there is also a Next Steps section on the school website with additional resources.

Students can also attend talks from a range of professionals, these talks have been recorded and distributed online this year.